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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Fish Conservancy in Our Backyard

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Learn about The Nature Conservancy fish conservancy project in our backyard restoring estuary work in the north Puget Sound and Skagit county. The project was successful because of the partnerships with the farmers, land owners and local communities. Not only were they able to bring back natural habitat for our wild fish, but they also made the dikes stronger and reduced flood risks. Under Construction: Restoring Estuary Habitat in the Puget Sound from HabitatSeven on Vimeo.

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Eat Sleep Fish – Fly Reel Review

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Fly Reel Review By Jeroen Schoondergang  for  Eat, Sleep, Fish Solitude Fly Reel –  handcrafted, beautiful and affordable… Opinions about the ideal fly reel for the Low Countries vary from a simple line storage device to a high tech piece of art with a drag to stop a train on the run. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. The drag on your fly reel of choice should be in good working order. Not because you will need it to stop any of the fish you are likely to hook over here, but mostly because a faulty drag can cause a reel to freeze. Another mark of a quality reel is very low tolerance between spool and frame. The frame should be tough enough not to bend when dropped and the reel should have a good anodising finish to avoid corrosion and scratching. Fly reels that meet these requirements, are often the product of reelmakers with a near obsessive passion for their craft. Jonathan Knapp of the Solitude reel company, probably fits this description. The sense of precision with which Knapp and his colleagues construct and assemble the Solitude reels, suggests that we are dealing with a priceless piece of engineering. It comes as a great surprise that the Solitude reels are actually very affordable, even with the costs of ordering one overseas taken in consideration. The reel becomes an even  better bargain if you order spools with different arbor-widths, that are available for the Solitude 4 and 5. I use a large arbor Solitude 4 on my seven weight and have the standard arbor spool filled with a copious amount of backing and a WF9 line. The Solitude is a well-constructed fly reel. It has an excellent drag which will be of great help on fishing trips abroad, when tangling…

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