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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fly Reels & Fiberglass Rods

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We love when our fly reels make the movies.   Doug Roland of Lowcountry Journal and Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto worked together on this video project of fishing fiberglass fly rods on the South Carolina coast.  From The Fiberglass Manifesto blog:   I’m always looking for a good excuse to spend more time in the lowcountry and long time readers will know that my redfish game has been a long time coming. Now, besides redfish, we’re also talking about cobia, amberjack, and it’s looking like I’ll be on a lowcountry bender over the next few months.  Yesterday I had a chance to get together with John Irwin of Fly Right Charters on the push pole and Doug behind the lens. We battled wind and a wicked late afternoon glare but finally all the pieces came together on a solid redfish as the sun was dropping behind the marsh grass. I ended the day with a Lowcountry Slam with a redfish, speckled seatrout, and a flounder. All in all a stellar day on the water.  Doug put together this short video of our day and hopefully it’s just the beginning of what we’re talking about doing. I am pretty stoked and it was also neat to put a glass fly rod in both John and Doug’s hands to see their reaction. I might convert a few more believers as this project goes along.    

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