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Fly Reels Reviews – SR4 SR2

Solitude Fly Reels Reviews by Jeroen Schoondergang

Jeroen sent us these incredible photos along with the following fly reels reviews for the SR4 and SR2…

Fly Reels Reviews SR4 SR2

We spent a week in Bodø in Northern Norway, just above the Arctic circle. Last year we fished there two weeks earlier, and we had a ball sight casting at cod, feeding heavily on crabs in the shallows. This years the cod had already started schooling for their trek to deeper water. They were still aggressively feeding and certainly the dominant predator.

Fly Reels Reviews – SR4 SR2

With the help of a small fishfinder/gps, a Lowrance Elite4, we tracked down drop-offs, reefs and plateaus which we fished with fast sinking shooting heads (11 to 18 grains per foot) and sinking running lines. The SR4 fly reel was perfect for this. The reel is solid and gets the job done. I was fishing 4 and 7 weights, which is extremely light for this type of fishing. It does however give me an edge in fishing speed and with the right equipment you can give the fish some serious stick, even on this gear. The SR4 is an essential part of the outfit. It performs perfectly with no startup inertia at all, which is crucial with the very light rods we used.

Fly Reels Reviews – SR4 SR2

I used the SR2 in combination with my 4weight and an intermediate line to fish for coalfish in the shallows. Like its bigger brother it performed admirably.

My Solitudes have become steady travel companions.