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Youth and Fly Fishing

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Solitude Reels is the proud sponsor of Austin Manthey – Colorado Youth Fly Fishing Team Member Over a year ago we received an email from Austin Manthey inquiring about sponsorship….. Austin:  My name is Austin Manthey. I am a competitive flyfisherman in Colorado. I was wondering if your company could do a non-monetary based sponsorship with me. This means that I wouldn’t ask for anything other than gear. In return, I will review your product on my blog, feature the gear in action in my weekly videos, and of course represent your company in competitions. Please let me know if we could work something out. Jonathan:   Thanks for checking in with us.  So, do you compete in casting competitions or actual fly fishing competitions?  We would like to help you with some gear but I would like to learn more about your competitions etc and about you.  This sounds pretty cool. Austin:  I compete in the actual fly fishing competitions. I’ve had a rod in my hand non-stop for about 8 years and have become quite addicted with at least 200 days on the water a year. Though I’m fairly new to the whole competition gig but have  a lot of experience in the sport. My teammate, Andrew Medina, has competition experience and is also a runner up for the team USA youth fly fishing team. If you have any specific questions you want to know just let me know!   Thanks and have a great day,  Austin. More from Austin:  I know both of these competitions will be held even though specific dates arent released yet because they are annual:   www.carpslam.org  and http://conejosriveranglers.com/Conejos_River_Annual_Superfly.php Those are the two biggest competitions I will be competing in. Carp Slam is Denver TUs way to raise money for the South Platte restoration and gets a…

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