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Fly Fishing North of Seattle

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Fly Fishing – Just North of Seattle This past weekend found me on one of my favorite rivers. The North Fork Stilliguamish River is one of the true gems of North Puget Sound.  A river noted for its storied fly fishing past and  fabled race of summer steelhead who each summer make their way up the North Fork in search of their spawning waters; a small tributary of the North Fork simply known as Deer Creek. My wife, son and I took some friends of ours to the North Fork to teach them something about fly fishing and how to cast a fly rod.   Summer is a fantastic time to be on the river regardless of the fishing; the easy pace and rhythm of the day a welcome break from jobs and hectic schedules.  As I explained and demonstrated the various casts to everyone I was reminded of how much I enjoy teaching and sharing my experiences on the river. As a former guide I learned long ago to fish vicariously through my clients and the same is true when teaching casting.  When someone succeeds whether hooking a fish or making a great cast the excitement and energy they exude is always special to behold. My guiding career started in the Katmai National Park in Alaska; a veritable fly fishing paradise.  I was also fortunate to guide on North Puget Sound Rivers as well as on the Olympic Peninsula and Eastern Washington.  Regardless of the destination teaching has always been a part of guiding and I have been fortunate to spend time teaching many wonderful clients how to fly fish for salmon and steelhead.  At this stage of my angling life I now have the time to teach my close friends and most importantly my family.  Spey casting with…

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Fly Reels Reviews – SR4 SR2

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Solitude Fly Reels Reviews by Jeroen Schoondergang Jeroen sent us these incredible photos along with the following fly reels reviews for the SR4 and SR2… We spent a week in Bodø in Northern Norway, just above the Arctic circle. Last year we fished there two weeks earlier, and we had a ball sight casting at cod, feeding heavily on crabs in the shallows. This years the cod had already started schooling for their trek to deeper water. They were still aggressively feeding and certainly the dominant predator. With the help of a small fishfinder/gps, a Lowrance Elite4, we tracked down drop-offs, reefs and plateaus which we fished with fast sinking shooting heads (11 to 18 grains per foot) and sinking running lines. The SR4 fly reel was perfect for this. The reel is solid and gets the job done. I was fishing 4 and 7 weights, which is extremely light for this type of fishing. It does however give me an edge in fishing speed and with the right equipment you can give the fish some serious stick, even on this gear. The SR4 is an essential part of the outfit. It performs perfectly with no startup inertia at all, which is crucial with the very light rods we used. I used the SR2 in combination with my 4weight and an intermediate line to fish for coalfish in the shallows. Like its bigger brother it performed admirably. My Solitudes have become steady travel companions.  

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Fly Fishing On The Beach

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Fly Fishing – Whidbey Island by Jonathan Knapp Several years ago I had the good fortune to go fly fishing with Jens Christiansen and his son Rasmus for several days during late summer when thousands of pink salmon were making their return to North Puget Sound streams.  Jens and Rasmus had traveled from Denmark to visit the late Jack Charlton of Mako Reels.  Jens, an Atlantic Salmon fly fishing guide and creator of the website Templedog Tube flies, had expressed to Jack an interest in fly fishing some of the local fisheries so Jack called me up to see if I was available to take them fly fishing.  I knew that Jens was a seasoned and traveled angler, so I wanted to treat him to a fishery that would be indicative of the diverse angling opportunities found in Puget Sound.  Beach fly fishing for salmon is certainly just that, especially when one takes into account that salmon can easily be fished on both a river and beach within the same day. We conversed via e-mail for several weeks leading to their scheduled arrival.  Jen’s asked the standard questions regarding which rods, lines, and flies to bring and general expectations.  It was apparent from our exchanges that he expected to be fishing on a river.  I mentioned that the local rivers were very low and the fishing slow but that the beaches were fishing well. I don’t think this completely registered with him but to his credit he remained open.  After spending several days visiting with Jack we scheduled our first day to fish.  I wanted to hit a morning tide so I told him that I would be happy to pick them up but that it would be early.  As with all true fishermen by this time Jens was anxious…

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Fly Fishing Alaska’s Arolik River

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Fly Fishing Alaska’s Arolik River by Troy Buzalsky The fly fishing planning was fierce, nine days and nine nights floating Alaska’s Arolik River, in pursuit of Arctic Grayling, Leopard Rainbows, Dolly Varden, and potentially all five Salmon species. Getting there was the easy part, thanks to Papa Bear Adventures, whom orchestrated our fly in, fly out, and necessary gear which included raft, cooler, kitchen, and tent…the big stuff! We needed to travel as light and practical as possible, but on a trip-of-a-lifetime, shortchanging ourselves on fly fishing gear was not an option. We chose to be prepared for every fly fishing opportunity available taking a 4 weight bamboo, 6 weight trout rod, and 8 weight steelhead rods. These rods would allow us to fish dries, swing streamers and flesh patters, run TroutBeads, and strip gaudy pink clumps of marabou when we found fresh Silvers. We also packed a special rod for Mousing, an eight and a half foot seven weight Mike Brooks bamboo. We love our bamboo! To balance the rods we needed reels, and to be honest, fly reels have always been a place to store line. In fact, growing up fly fishing Oregon’s McKenzie River, I have always utilized the iconic Pfleuger Medalist. Lets face it, they hold line fine, and they still look great, especially on classic cane. This year’s trip would be different. It was a trip of a lifetime, so our reels needed to match our adventure. After visiting a few area fly shops I was not sold on any particular brand of reel. It wasn’t until I seen the advertisement, or shall I say advertisements that I digested the name Solitude Reels; a new name to me. They looked nice. I liked their advertisement profile. I thought, hey, why not, and placed an order for two…

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