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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Fat Guy Fly Fishing

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Fat Guy Fly Fishing Blog In a recent fly fishing trip to Michigan, our very own Jonathan Knapp had the fortunate opportunity to meet Alex Landeen of the Fat Guy Fly Fishing blog.  By the looks of their header and the sound of their name, you will get an idea of the fun in store for you…   Here is taste of one of Alex’s posts titled State of a Fat Guy:   I sit at this computer like a loaded gun with no target. Emotion without thought.  I need an adventure, I think. I need fresh substance. Fiction for the sake of fiction is fine but I need a spark, something real, some little piece like the grain of sand at the end of the movie The Never Ending Story. With that one little grain Bastian was able to rebuild the entirety of Fantastica. Shit, I just want to write about fishing.  

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The Tongass – America’s Salmon Forest

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The Tongass is America’s salmon forest and one of the few places in the world where wild salmon and trout still thrive. Some 65 percent of  Tongass salmon and trout habitat is not Congressionally protected at the watershed scale, and is currently open to development activities that could harm fish. It’s time for Congress to better protect the richest resource of the Tongass: wild salmon. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the Tongass includes roughly 17,000 miles of clean, undammed creeks, rivers and lakes that provide optimal spawning and rearing conditions for the region’s copious wild Pacific salmon and trout. All five of North America’s Pacifc salmon species are found in the Tongass National Forest:  Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), coho (O. kisutch), pink (O. gorbuscha), sockeye (O. nerka) and chum (O. keta). In addition to the salmon, the Tongass supports healthy populations of both the resident and anadromous forms of rainbow trout (O. mykiss), cutthroat trout (O. clarkii), and Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma). Southeast Alaska salmon and trout  provide an important source of employment and income for thousands of fishermen and fishing business owners. According to a study commissioned by Trout Unlimited, Southeast Alaska salmon and trout in 2007 provided close to 11% of regional jobs and supported almost a $1 billion industry that includes local commercial, sport, hatchery and subsistence fisheries.  In 2011, Southeast Alaska produced the largest salmon harvest in the state, with fishermen hauling in a total of 73.5 million fish worth in excess of $200 million dollars The wild salmon spawned and reared in the Tongass National Forest represent approximately 70 percent of all wild salmon harvested from our national forests, roughly 24 percent of Alaska’s overall salmon catch, about 30 percent of the salmon caught on the West Coast of the United States and close to 13…

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Australia Loves Solitude Fly Reels

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Solitude Fly Reels Sharing the Love Derek McKenzie is all about fly fishing, catching fish and helping everyone from the beginner right on through to the most skilled fly fisher find the right gear including fly reels that suits them best and will help make their time on the water more enjoyable.  That’s what it’s all about, having fun, and like the man said one day in a rare moment of inspired thought less common: “Fly fishing is not the meaning of life…it just gives reason to our existence.” They are proudly independent and plan to stay that way.  Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters offer what they believe are amongst the finest fly rods, fly reels, and fly fishing accessories in the world today.  From native trout in the smallest of streams to the largest of our saltwater species, we deliver advanced high performance fly rods and fly reels to match your every need as an Australian fly angler. Thank you Derek for sending us this picture starring Solitude Fly Reels – Mystic Tremor 7wt. Salt rod and an Solitude 4 Large Arbour taking the mickey out of a few Aussies salmon.     The Solitude Fly Reels Facts from Derek McKenzie: Solitude takes great pride in the design and precision machining of every fly reel that they make whether it be in the aesthetics created by mirror polishing the reels before the anodizing process or building a reel designed for functionality and strength. The precision craftsmanship is a labour intensive process but it has truly given the reels a beautiful and quality finish as well as durability that will rival any reel on the market today. Please do take time to read the facts about these as we are certain that you will be as equally impressed as we are…

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Solitude Fly Reel 4 Review by Fish Zoo

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Solitude Fly Reel 4 Comes to the East Coast by Rob Enslin – Fish Zoo Just in time for our spring Striped Bass catch and release season…I received a new 8 wt large arbor fly reel from Solitude Reels located in on the west coast in Skagit Valley Washington. Surrounded by some of the most diverse and demanding fly fishing in the US, it’s the perfect backdrop for the development and manufacturing of big game fly reels. The first thing that drew me to this reel was the design roots. The original product was designed and manufactured primarily to perform and stand up to the punishments of Steelhead fishing. Solitude Reels took the design to the next level by improving its features and function to tackle even larger and more aggressive saltwater fish. Additionally these reels are all precision milled from solid aircraft grade, corrosion resistant, aluminum alloy billet, with every part being manufactured in-house with the exception of hardware and some finishing. When I unwrapped the Solitude SR4 from its packaging, I was immediately enamored by the finish. The optional type III hard anodized black finish provide the highest quality finish for use in extreme environments, particularly marine. The photos just do not capture the deep black mirror glaze, level 8 polishing on the frame and spool. Type III anodizing virtually penetrates the aluminum with near ceramic hardness while building-up on the surface by an equal thickness….translation – beautiful and bullet proof! Like any angler with a new reel…. the next thing I did was start fooling with the drag. The oversized cork and stainless steel drag washers were silky smooth. The drag adjustment knob allows for infinite drag settings up to 17 lbs. Most impressive is the solid, “one piece” feel when rotating the spool and frame. .0002″…

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