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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Solitude Fly Reel – Performance & Durability

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Thank you to flyfishingporn.com for this fly reel review! My first introduction to the Solitude fly reel was many years ago on the PM fishing with a guide. He had a drift boat filled with them. We were hunting Steelhead in late December and the weather was less than perfect, but, when is it when your steelheading? I was young in my fly-fishing career and never hesitated to ask too many questions. The questions finally came to the gear and his reasons for choosing the artillery. Performance and durability were clearly the only reasons he chose his gear over the other competitors. When he talked about the fly reels there was a more delivered message about how the Solitude fly reel shined. The fly reel was designed for weather and ergonomics of a steelhead fisherman. Making it to withstand the punishing runs and environmental challenges were their main concerns. The guide said he put them through the ringer 240 days a year on the rivers and lakes in the area, and he loves them. The fly reels were made in Hazel Park, Michigan by Craig Harris a tool-and-die man. The passion of fly fishing and fishing with guides while listening to their complaints about how fly reels can’t hold up to Michigan winters was interesting to him. The reels would freeze up or have bad start up inertia would drive the guides crazy when they put clients on fish. Finally a guide said to Craig if you’re such a great machinist why don’t you make a reel! Well the rest is history. The Harris Solitude is still highly regarded in the Michigan area by guides and fisherman.  Unfortunately, the Harris Reel Company would go out of business.  Edco, Inc. would eventually acquire the assets to the company in 2005 through the…

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